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7-Keto DHEA
7-keto DHEA: metabolite of DHEA The number of hormones in the human body is currently estimated by scientists at over 1000. These are biochemical messenger substances that are produced by special cells and released into the body's circulation. There they set countless important processes in motion. Hormones are differentiated according to their chemical classification and the place where they are produced in the organism. The most well-known hormones are insulin, which is produced by the islet cells of the pancreas, and the thyroid hormone, which, as the name suggests, is produced by the thyroid. Another important and well-known hormone is vitamin D3, which is produced in the skin under sun exposure. DHEA: prohormone DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) belongs to the so-called prohormones. These are precursors of hormones which themselves have no hormonal effect. They must first be converted to hormones in the metabolism, whereby the conversion rate depends on individual needs. Depending on the hormonal level, DHEA is converted into either female sex hormones (oestrogens) or male sex hormones (androgens). During this conversion process, 7-keto DHEA* (3-acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone) is formed, one of three metabolites of DHEA. As a metabolite, it has no hormonal properties. Buy 7-keto DHEA capsules at Fairvital highly dosed with 100mg 7-keto DHEA per capsule small capsules, easy to swallow vegetarian and vegan gluten-free, lactose-free, fructose-free without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide * 7-Keto® brand 7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone-3-acetate (U.S. Patent 7,199,116). 7-Keto® is a registered trademark of InterHealth N.I.

Content: 0.028 kg (€1,033.93* / 1 kg)

60 Capsules

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Alpha-lipoic acid 300mg – 90 softgels
Alpha-lipoic acid: all-rounder with a key function and essential abilities Alpha-lipoic acid is a sulphurous essential fatty acid, which is also called thioctic acid. It has vitamin-like properties and is partly synthesised in the liver. What does alpha-lipoic acid do? A special ability of alpha-lipoic acid is the regeneration of the antioxidant properties of vitamin C, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10 and glutathione. In its role as a water- and fat-soluble antioxidant and regenerator of other substances, alpha-lipoic acid is able to inhibit an excessive spreading of free radicals. That´s why its high redox potential has an important key role in the antioxidative system of the body. Why you should choose the alpha-lipoic acid capsules by Fairvital regenerates antioxidants such as vitamin C and E neutralises free radicals easy to swallow due to softgel form (gelatine capsule) bulk pack for 3 months contains the R- and S-form without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide

Content: 0.126 kg (€134.52* / 1 kg)

90 Softgels

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Arthro Active Pro - 90 capsules
Experience 5 unique natural substances: glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, hyaluronic acid and astaxanthin in one capsule The Fairvital film about joints. continue... Cartilage rests between healthy joints and serves as a natural shock absorber. In interaction with the synovial fluid (joint fluid), our joints remain supple and flexible. But the older we get, the less synovial fluid our body produces. Glucosamine Glucosamine is an amino sugar that is found in the human organism and is a component of cartilagewhich is found, for example, in the knee, elbow, shoulder or other joints,joint fluid and connective tissue is. Chondroitin Chondroitin is a mixture of mucopolysaccharides (also: glycosaminoglycans), which are naturally found in cartilage tissue and act as a buffer under pressure. The diverse tasks of MSM MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is organic sulfur and occurs naturally in the body, but levels decrease with age. Sulfur is present in every single cell in our body and is an essential building and fuel for connective tissue. Sulfur is essential for health and the production of cartilage, skin, nails and hair. It is also involved in the production of enzymes, immune cells, glutathione (an antioxidant) and amino acids. Hyaluronic acid: shock absorbers and lubricants Hyaluronic acid in synovial fluid acts as a lubricant in all joint movements. If we compare the joints of the human body with a car, the hyaluronic acid in the joint is roughly equivalent to the oil in the engine. We have to change the oil at regular intervals because heat, combustion residues, friction and oil aging reduce viscosity. The oil becomes thinner and is less able to protect the metal surfaces in the engine interior or to lubricate the engine. Hyaluronic acid plays the same role in our joints. If it is not constantly renewed, it loses its viscosity (thickness), becomes thin and is no longer able to absorb the compressive load on the joint. This leads to increased friction and wear and tear on the cartilage surfaces of the joints. What is astaxanthin? Astaxanthin is considered the strongest known plant antioxidant in the world. It is obtained from the freshwater microalgae Haematococcus pluvalis, which is particularly rich in the fat-soluble carotenoid. Buy glucosamine capsules complete joint formula thanks to 5 unique building blocks With Astaxanthin, the world's most powerful antioxidant Hyaluronic acid produced by fermentation gluten-free, lactose-free, fructose-free without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide

Content: 0.089 kg (€263.48* / 1 kg)

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Astaxanthin beadlets microencapsulated - 120 capsules
Beadlets: natural & microencapsulated The astaxanthin in this product is cultivated in a hermetically sealed system. The used technology guarantees particularly high control standards with which microbiological contamination, agricultural residues and environmental influences can be excluded. Astaxanthin in its free form is prone to oxidation, therefore the astaxanthin in this product is microencapsulated and especially stable. Strong antioxidant Because its antioxidant properties are 6000 times stronger that vitamin C and 550 times stronger than vitamin E, astaxanthin is considered as the strongest known carotenoid of the entire plant world. especially stable due to microencapsulation highly dosed with 15mg per daily intake of 2 capsules antioxidant against free radicals derived from Haematococcus pluvialis strongest carotenoid of the entire plant world small capsules, easy to swallow gluten-free, fructose-free without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide How does astaxanthin work? Early on, the fresh water alga Haematococcus pluvalis has aroused the researchers' interest. In 1797 the French scientist Girod-Chantrans investigated the approx. 0.1mm small green alga.In case of an exposure to strong sunlight or a state of nutrient deficiency, it forms a blood-red pigmentation, for which the astaxanthin is responsible. This protective function makes it possible for the alga to survive without food or water for more than 40 years. As soon as there is enough food and the weather conditions improve, the alga wakes up from its deep sleep and returns to its green active state. In biotopes such as ponds, small waterholes and even stoups, which are inhabited by the micro alga, a spectacular blood-red colour can occasionally be admired due to the alga's protective properties. Studies about astaxanthin The effect of astaxanthin on the skin appearance has been investigated in a study during which the test persons consumed 2 milligrams of astaxanthin daily. The skin was tested at three points in time to determine possible changes: at the beginning of the study, after two weeks and after four weeks. After only two weeks results could be documented. Improvements of the skin appearance could be observed in seven areas and after two more weeks dry skin showed a higher moisture content, less small lines, less pimples and a more regular fat content.Additionally, the test persons reported less swellings under the eyes and a higher elasticity of the skin. In the control group, which didn't consume astaxanthin, no effects could be documented. (Cosmetic  benefits  of  astaxanthin  on  humans  subjects*, Yamashita, E. 2002; Tominaga, K. 2012)

Content: 0.05 kg (€909.00* / 1 kg)

120 Capsules

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B complex 50 – 90 capsules
This dietary supplement contains a complex of 8 B vitamins plus choline and inositol The so-called vitamin B complex is formed by eight B vitamins, which include: vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin B7 (biotin), vitamin B9 (folic acid) and vitamin B12 (cobalamin).   Apart from their water-solubility they are nothing alike. Not only do they differ from their names and their structure, but also from their tasks in the body, which only partly overlap. The eight B vitamins work together synergistically.Additionally, vitamin B12 holds a special position, because it is the only water-soluble vitamin, which is stored in the body in significant amounts. Function of B vitamins Among other things, B vitamins are important for the activation of the metabolism, for example regarding the utilisation of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. They also play a major role in the formation and function of the nerve cells. That´s why B vitamins give lots of energy in everyday life and work and support a well-balanced mental state. Choline and inositol support the B vitamins In addition, this vitamin B complex contains choline and inositol, both of which were previously classified as B vitamins. Together they are components of lecithin, an important building block of cell membranes.Furthermore, together with vitamins B6, B9 and B12, choline contributes to a normal homocysteine level and supports both liver function and fat metabolism. Benefits of B complex 50 by Fairvital tip for situations, which require energy and strong nerves helps during an exhausting day high bioavailability with methylcobalamin vegetarian and vegan gluten-free, lactose-free, fructose-free without silicon dioxide

Content: 0.054 kg (€350.93* / 1 kg)

90 Capsules

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B-100 – 90 capsules
B-100: for a healthy nervous system B vitamins are water-soluble vitamins which play an important role in the cell metabolism. Because of their water-solubility, they are excreted with the urine and special attention should be paid to a regular supply.Every B vitamin is either a coenzyme or a precursor of an important metabolism, such as the transformation of the carbohydrates, the amino acids or the fatty acids, and they are essential or the cell division. All B vitamins contribute to a normal energy metabolism. Vitamin B complex with all 8 B vitamins Thiamine (vitamin B1)Thiamine is needed for the energy release of nutrients (carbohydrates, protein). Thiamine is also essential for normal functioning of the nervous system and the heart. It also has an importance for the psyche. Riboflavin (vitamin B2)Riboflavin as a coenzyme has an important role in the production of energy from food. It is indispensable in maintaining normal iron levels in the blood and is responsible for the normal formation of blood cells. Riboflavin is also important for vision, skin and mucous membranes and in reducing tiredness and fatigue. Niacin (vitamin B3)Niacin plays an important role in the normal functioning of the nervous system and the psyche. It also supports the function of the skin and mucous membrane. In the context of energy metabolism it can reduce tiredness. Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5)The vitamin plays a major role in energy metabolism and can help reduce tiredness. It also supports mental performance and the synthesis of steroid hormones, vitamin D and some neurotransmitters. Pyridoxine (vitamin B6)The supplementation of vitamin B6, together with vitamins B9 and B12, can reduce homocysteine levels and contribute to healthy blood vessels. It is also important for general vitality as it is involved in energy metabolism. In addition to supporting the immune system and the nervous system, it promotes mental balance and regulates hormone activity. Cobalamin (vitamin B12)Vitamin B12 supports the function of the nervous system and thus contributes to normal mental function. It also helps maintain normal homocysteine levels and participates in cell division and red blood cell production. Folic acid (vitamin B9)Folic acid is important for the psyche, blood formation and homocysteine levels. It is involved in the synthesis of amino acids, contributes to cell division, the build-up of maternal tissue during pregnancy and to reducing tiredness and fatigue. Biotin (vitamin B7) Biotin is essential in energy metabolism and the utilisation of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It also supports the function of skin and mucous membranes and promotes strong hair. For this reason it is also known as a beauty vitamin.   Choline and inositol supplement the vitamin B complex. Both substances are components of lecithin, which belongs to the group of phospholipids.Choline also contributes to a normal homocysteine level, fat metabolism and supports liver function. Good to know: riboflavin changes the colour of the urine Riboflavin dyes the urine neon yellow, which is often mistaken for a sign of dangerous side effects, but it's only excess vitamin B2, which is excreted with the urine. Why you should choose the vitamin B-100 capsules by Fairvital high dose B vitamins vegetarian and vegan bulk pack for 90 days only one capsule daily contains vitamin B12 in the form of the well utilisable methylcobalamin Made in Germany gluten-free, lactose-free, fructose-free without silicon dioxide

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90 Capsules

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B-12 and folic acid sublingual with acerola-cherry taste – 90 tablets
B-12 and folic acid sublingual with acerola cherry flavor: delicious lozenge Vitamin B12 is primarily found in animal foods and is therefore particularly for vegetarians and those who largely avoid animal products in their diet. The vitamin (cobalamin) plays an important role in a well-functioning nervous system. Vitamin B12 and folic acid for cell division B12 is also involved in the formation of red blood cells (erythrocytes) and cell division. In addition, vitamin B12 and folic acid work together with vitamin B6 in the breakdown of homocysteine into methionine, which has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels. Bioavailable vitamin B12 This vitamin B12 with folic acid is absorbed quickly and safely through the oral mucosa. The B12 it contains is in the biologically active form of methylcobalamin.Sublingual tablet with a delicious acerola cherry flavor. Good reasons for the vitamin B12 lozenges with folic acid plays a role in blood formation can be important for the nervous system and the psyche is involved in cell growth and cell division sublingual (lat. "under the tongue") quick and safe absorption through the oral mucosa delicious acerola cherry flavor vegetarian gluten free, lactose free without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide

Content: 0.054 kg (€212.04* / 1 kg)

90 Tablets

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Berberine 500mg
High-dose Berberine capsules This food supplement contains as a valuable ingredient berberine hydrochloride, which has been standardised to a berberine content of 97%. This is equivalent to 485mg berberine per daily dose of one capsule. The berberine was combined with zinc, which is contained with 10mg per daily dose of one capsule. Zinc is available as zinc citrate for optimal absorption. What is berberine? Berberine is an alkaloid that belongs to the group of isoquinolinalkaloids, of which more than 600 are known to date. The alkaloid occurs naturally in various plants, including barberry (Berberis aristata), to which it owes its name. Berberine is found mainly in the roots, trunk, bark and rhizome. Function of zinc Zinc is a very versatile trace element that is responsible for numerous functions and metabolic processes in the organism. Since the body cannot produce it, it is dependent on a regular and sufficient supply through food (or food supplements). Zinc is known to most to support the immune system and cell protection, but it is also important for fertility and the maintenance of bones, skin, hair and nails. In the metabolism, it supports the utilisation of the macronutrients, whereby it is particularly responsible for the carbohydrate metabolism and the fatty acid metabolism. Zinc is also needed in the vitamin A metabolism and in this context the trace element contributes to the maintenance of vision. Buy berberine supplement now! highly dosed 500mg berberine HCl per capsule equivalent to 485mg berberine per capsule combined with zinc supports the carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism contained as zinc citrate for a good resorption vegetarian and vegan gluten-free, lactose-free, fructose-free without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide

Content: 0.075 kg (€292.67* / 1 kg)

90 Capsules

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Boswellia frankincense 400mg – 120 tablets
Boswellia frankincense: 3000 year old health secret from India Botanical: Boswellia serrata Sanskrit: Sallaki German: Indian frankincenseEnglish: Indian Frankincense What is Boswellia? It's hard to imagine Indian Ayurveda without it: Boswellia incense. This is the natural resin of the large Indian frankincense tree Boswellia serrata, which comes from the arid mountainous regions of north-eastern India. Incense for oral Boswellia frankincense contains valuable ingredients that were already valued in the Middle Ages: the boswellic acids. Furthermore, mucilage and essential oils are among the valuable components of incense. The latter are responsible for the characteristic smell of incense. Frankvital incense tablets Boswellia incense from Fairvital is the genuine Indian incense (Boswellia serrata) of the best quality with the highest proportion of vital substances and the best price-nutrient ratio. highly dosed 400mg frankincense extract per tablet standardized to 65% boswellic acids very well tolerated vegetarian and vegan gluten-free, lactose-free, fructose-free without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide

Content: 0.108 kg (€175.46* / 1 kg)

120 Tablets

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Buffered vitamin C 1000mg - 400 capsules
1000mg stomach-friendly vitamin C per capsule Vitamin C is best known as a radical scavenger and antioxidant. It is also involved in the construction of connective tissue and can address the immune system. Other important properties of vitamin C: It promotes the absorption of iron in the intestine and plays an important role for healthy bones and firm tissue, because vitamin C is necessary for the synthesis of collagen fibers. These fibers form a kind of network and thus provide support in the bones, tendons, cartilage in the skin and on the teeth. Essential for the human organism The human body cannot synthesize vitamin C itself and is dependent on its intake from food. Plants and most animals, on the other hand, are able to produce the vitamin themselves thanks to a special enzyme from glucuronic acid. In the body, there is a particularly large amount of vitamin C in the brain, liver, eye lenses, spleen, lungs and white blood cells. In these places it also plays a big role. High-dose vitamin C capsules from Fairvital inexpensive bulk pack Vitamin C as calcium L-ascorbate Gentle on the stomach because the vitamin C is in a buffered form for those who need extra vitamin C vegetarian and vegan gluten-free, lactose-free, fructose-free without silicon dioxide

Content: 0.549 kg (€73.68* / 1 kg)

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Amino EAA
Amino complex with 8 essential amino acids Fairvital Amino EAA is a tablet-based amino combination containing the amino acids L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine, L-phenylalanine, L-lysine, L-threonine, L-methionine and L-tryptophan. EAA stands for the English term Essential Amino Acids. Essential means that the body cannot synthesize these amino acids itself. They must be taken in with the diet or with supplements. Amino acids are indispensable for metabolism, because the protein building blocks perform vital functions in the body. The supply of essential amino acids is also vital. The group of EAAs consists of eight amino acids: L-phenylalanine, L-tryptophan, L-threonine, L-lysine, L-valine, L-methionine, L-leucine and L-isoleucine. These eight amino acids are building materials for body and muscle cells. They play an important role in protein metabolism and the building of body protein. When should essential amino acids be taken?Essential amino acids should be taken both before (PRE) and after (POST) the training session, so that the body is supplied with sufficient amino acids during training and can replenish the stores afterwards. Fairvital recommends consuming 4 tablets before and 4 tablets after training. Advantages of amino acids in tablet formAmino acid preparations are available in liquid form, powder, tablets or capsules. We all know the problem with powders. If the cover is not closed properly, it becomes unsightly. Tablets and capsules, on the other hand, are more practical. They can be dosed very well, whereby capsules have a higher price due to production technology. The amino tablets from Fairvital are well protected in the can and easily removable by means of a dosing lid. The lid can be opened with a finger tip and closed again well. Unscrewing is only necessary once to remove the freshness seal. Order Amino EEA essential amino acids from Fairvitalessential amino acids in tablet form8 tablets daily4 tablets before training (PRE)4 tablets after training (POST) convenient for on the go highly dosed without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide vegetarian and vegan

Content: 0.285 kg (€73.51* / 1 kg)

180 Tablets

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Bergamot Extrakt 500mg
5 times concentrated bergamot extract by FairvitalFairvital Bergamot 500 mg is a 5 time concentrated extract of the fruit Citrus bergamia. This citrus fruit is known for its pulp being exceptionally acidic and bitter. In this dietary supplement, each capsule contains 500 mg of bergamot extract 5:1. This means that the power and benefits of bergamot are 5 times concentrated in each capsule. This is equivalent to 2500 mg of bergamot per daily consumption of one capsule. Fairvital's bergamot extract has been particularly concentrated to preserve its valuable ingredients. Citrus bergamia: Valuable active ingredientsBergamot is a unique citrus fruit that thrives in the sun-drenched hills of Mediterranean Italy. This fruit is known for its distinctive fragrance, which is highly valued in the perfume and cosmetics industry. However, the valuable ingredients of bergamot make it attractive not only for the senses, but also for our health. Bergamot is rich in polyphenols. Polyphenols are a group of chemical compounds found in many plant foods. They are secondary plant compounds known for their health-promoting properties. In addition, bergamot contains naturally occurring flavonoids, such as naringin. The plant compound is found in various citrus fruits and is responsible for their bitter taste.Fairvital Bergamot Capsules for 90 daysThe handy tin holds 90 capsules of bergamot extract. According to the recommended intake, one pack lasts 90 days. With a height of only 11.5 cm and a diameter of 6 cm as well as a total weight of 100 g, the bergamot preparation from Fairvital is also very practical for on the go! The capsules are well protected in the tin and easily removable by means of a dosing lid. The lid can be opened with a finger tip and closed again well. Unscrewing is only necessary once to remove the freshness seal. Order Bergamot Capsules from Fairvital5 times concentrated bergamot extract2500 mg bergamot per daily consumptionnatural source of polyphenols and flavonoids90-day supplyonly one capsule dailylightweight can - convenient for on the go high dose without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxidevegetarian and vegan

Content: 0.067 kg (€245.52* / 1 kg)

90 Capsules

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Beta Alanine 500mg
Beta Alanine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the body and plays an important role in many processes. It supports the formation of carnosine. This is a dipeptide that occurs in the muscles and helps regulate the pH in the muscle, slowing muscle fatigue. This is positive for the performance of the muscles.Fairvital offers Beta Alanine 500mg in the form of 90 capsules. We recommend a daily consumption of 8 capsules to ensure you get your daily dose of the amino acid. The capsules are easy to swallow and are made from high quality ingredients to ensure high quality.Beta Alanine 500mg may be suitable for everyone, especially athletes. It is especially popular with endurance athletes and bodybuilders, but also with amateur athletes who want to improve their training performance.It is important to note that Beta Alanine has no immediate effects, but should be taken long-term to increase carnosine levels in the muscle to improve performance.Fairvital prides itself on providing quality supplements that meet the needs of their customers. If you are looking for a way to improve your athletic performance, Beta Alanine 500mg from Fairvital might be a good option for you.

Content: 0.062 kg (€200.81* / 1 kg)

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Beta-Alanine 500g powder
Beta-alanine 500g powder What is beta-alanine? Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid  that is very popular with athletes. It can be produced by the body itself if the necessary nutrients are provided. Beta-alanine is a non-proteinogenic amino acid and therefore has no role in protein biosynthesis in the body. However, the human body can synthesize carnosine from  beta-alanine  and L-histidine. Carnosine, on the other hand, serves as a potent intramuscular buffer. In contrast, carnosine serves as a potent intramuscular buffer. Possible side effects of beta-alanine About 30 minutes after consumption you can feel a tingling sensation on your skin. The cause of this tingling is the amino acid histamine, which is a waste product in the synthesis of carnosine. Some people report a pleasant tingling sensation, while others find it less pleasant. Those who are new to beta-alanine should start with a low dose and slowly increase the amount. Spreading the amount out over the day can also help. Pure Beta Alanine Powder Fairvital's beta-alanine powder is vegan and 100% pure. It contains no flavors or additives. Because of its powder form, it can easily be mixed with water, juice, or even a protein shake. The measuring spoon  makes dosing easier.Fairvital recommends taking 3.5 grams of beta-alanine powder before training. This corresponds to ééa measuring spoon. The 500 g powder packaging makes about 140 servings. Benefits of Fairvital's beta-alanine powder 100% pure beta-alanine without additives 500g powder for about 140 servings Popular with athletes Vegetarian and vegan    

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Biotin + Zinc + Selenium
High-dose biotin with zinc and selenium It is well known that true beauty comes from within. Diet plays the biggest role in this regard. Healthy, fresh food provides essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Biotin, selenium and the beauty mineral zinc are essential for beautiful skin and hair. Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, vitamin H or co-enzyme R, belongs to the group of water-soluble B vitamins. In this dietary supplement from Fairvital, it has been sensibly combined with the essential trace elements zinc and selenium. The three beauty vital substances complement each other synergistically and can support your beauty from within. Per daily dose of one tablet contains 10 mg biotin, 10 mg zinc and 55 µg selenium. The economical package with 120 tablets lasts for 4 months. Biotin, zinc and selenium for hair, skin and fingernails When biotin is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is hair and skin, because it is well known that biotin is of particular importance for healthy, beautiful hair and beautiful skin. Biotin is essential for the formation of the keratin substance and therefore important for healthy growth of skin and hair. • Biotin helps maintain normal skin • Biotin contributes to the maintenance of normal hair • Biotin contributes to normal energy metabolism • Biotin contributes to normal mental function • Biotin contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system • Biotin contributes to a normal metabolism of macronutrients • Biotin contributes to the maintenance of normal mucous membranes Selenium is not only responsible for the hair, but also for the healthy growth of the fingernails. It protects the cells from oxidative stress and addresses the immune system. • Selenium contributes to the maintenance of normal hair • Selenium contributes to the maintenance of normal nails • Selenium contributes to normal thyroid function • Selenium helps protect cells from oxidative stress • Selenium contributes to the normal function of the immune system • Selenium contributes to normal sperm formation Zinc has a wide range of effects. The trace element is involved almost everywhere, from muscle building and the immune system to the development of cell structures in nails and hair. Zinc also protects the cells from oxidative stress.  • Zinc helps maintain normal skin • Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal hair • Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal nails • Zinc helps protect cells from oxidative stress • Zinc contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system • Zinc contributes to normal fertility and normal reproduction • Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal bones • Zinc helps maintain normal vision • Zinc has a role in cell division Advantages of Fairvital biotin tablets • economical pack for 4 months • just one tablet a day • Beauty from within • great combination of vital substances for hair, skin and nails • Highly dosed with 10 mg biotin per tablet • vegetarian and vegan • gluten-free, lactose-free, fructose-free • without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide

Content: 0.031 kg (€433.87* / 1 kg)

120 Tablets

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Black Garlic 600mg
Black Garlic 600mg Capsules - for 4 Months Botanical: Allium sativum Chinese: Da Suan Sanskrit: Lasuna German: Knoblauch English: garlic Concentrated Garlic Power - without regrets and unpleasant odor! Black garlic, also known as fermented garlic, is significantly different from the conventional white garlic variety. It is created through a lengthy fermentation process that not only alters its outer color but also transforms its taste and texture fundamentally. Originally from Korea, it has established itself as a highly esteemed ingredient in Asian cuisine. Its popularity is owed not only to its unique properties but also to its long tradition in naturopathy. In numerous stories, it is even claimed that Allium sativum is said to protect also against vampires. The "wonder bulb garlic" is rich in minerals like Vitamin A, B1, and C, as well as selenium. Discover the Diverse Applications of Our Black Garlic Extract Our specially formulated capsules contain a highly concentrated extract from black garlic bulbs (onion; Allium sativum L.). Through our gentle processing, the characteristic odor that arises from the natural cell division of garlic has been removed, without compromising bioavailability. One daily dose (1 capsule) corresponds to 9000mg of black garlic and is 15 times more concentrated. Black Garlic Capsules by Fairvital without unpleasant odors processed with special care 15 times concentrated equivalent to 9000mg of black garlic per daily dose (capsule) gluten-free, lactose-free, fructose-free without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide small softgels, easy to swallow

120 Kapseln

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Black Pepper Extract 10mg
Black Pepper Extract with 95% Piperine from FairvitalFairvital Black Pepper is a standardized tablet-based plant extract containing 95% piperine. It is obtained from the fruit of the plant Piper nigrum. Black pepper is known mainly as a spice.Piperine is the value-giving active ingredient of pepper and is responsible for its pungency. In general, the hotter the pepper, the higher its piperine content. Piperine-rich black pepper is an important ingredient in Indian Ayurveda. It is found in the recipes of a majority of Ayurvedic preparations. Chinese health philosophy also likes to draw on its properties.Fairvital's Black Pepper Extract is standardized to a content of 95% piperine. Per daily consumption of one tablet, this corresponds to 9.5 mg of piperine. The standardization of an extract is an essential quality feature that describes a consistent active ingredient content.Bulk pack of piperine tablets for 4 monthsThe handy tin from Fairvital holds 120 tablets of Black Pepper Extract. According to the recommended intake, one pack lasts 4 months. With a height of only 8.5 cm and a diameter of 4.5 cm as well as a total weight of 70 g, the piperine preparation fits in almost any pocket. Practical for on the go!The tablets are well protected in the tin and easily removable by means of a dosing lid. The lid can be opened with a finger tip and closed again well. Unscrewing is only necessary once to remove the freshness seal.Black pepper extract is often ordered or consumed together with other vital substances. These include curcumin, Fo-Ti, OPC, green tea, Boswellia frankincense, vitamin C, vitamin B6, beta-carotene, selenium, vitamin A and coenzyme Q10.Order piperine tablets from Fairvitalhigh quality pepper extract with 95 % piperinebulk pack for 120 daysonly one tablet dailyconvenient for on the gohighly dosedwithout magnesium stearate and silicon dioxidevegetarian and vegan

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120 Tablets

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Blood Orange, Choline and Piperine
Discover the unique power of the combination of blood orange, choline, and piperine. Our high-quality formula containing 500mg of pure blood orange extract is packed into 90 convenient capsules. Dive into the fascinating world of these unique ingredients and experience a new dimension of well-being! The Queen of Citrus Blood orange not only delights with its intense flavor but is also rich in valuable nutrients like antioxidants and vitamins. Thanks to its unique combination of fruitiness and beneficial properties, it is a valuable addition to your healthy lifestyle. Choline Choline, a semi-essential nutrient, contributes to normal homocysteine levels, normal liver function, and normal fat metabolism. With our high-dose formula, you can benefit from the various advantages of choline. Let our premium quality convince you. Blood Orange, Choline, and Piperine Contributes to normal homocysteine levels Contributes to normal liver function Contributes to normal fat metabolism Vegan and vegetarian Gluten-free, lactose-free, and gluten-free

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Bone Vital
Bone vitality 12 bone vital substances in combination: With L-proline, vitamin K2 and D3 in a safe dosage Fairvital Bone Vital is a safely dosed, sensible bone food supplement in which a mineral complex has been combined with L-proline, vitamins K2 and D3 and other micronutrients. Each capsule contains 12 different vital substances: calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, copper, manganese, L-proline, ashwagandha extract, vitamin C, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. The synergetic combination is sufficient for 90 days with 3 capsules per day, divided between meals, if the recommended dose is observed. As part of a healthy lifestyle, the food supplement Bone Vital from Fairvital can help maintain strong bones. Calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, vitamin D and vitamin K in particular are involved in the bone formation processes. Bone healthy lifestyle Bones are living tissue that is constantly being remodeled. Construction and dismantling processes take place throughout life. Up to around the age of 30, the activity of the bone-building cells predominates. Essential minerals for bones A diet rich in calcium helps to keep the formation and breakdown processes in balance and thus the bones stable. However, calcium alone is not enough to keep bones in a healthy condition. The organism needs other minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, zinc, copper and manganese for strong bones. Magnesium acts as a cofactor for calcium. This means that calcium can only be properly utilized if magnesium is present. Bone Vitamin K Vitamin K is also actively involved in bone formation. Osteocalcin, which binds calcium and is responsible for healthy bone formation, is only formed when it is involved. Good sources of vitamin K are green vegetables and herbs. Vitamin D for bone metabolism Vitamin D is of particular importance for bone metabolism. A small part of the requirement can be covered with a balanced diet. In addition, the human organism can synthesize vitamin D itself in the skin with the help of sunlight. It's best to go out into the fresh air every day and enjoy the sun's rays. Protection factor movement Physical exercise is at least as important as bone-healthy nutrition. Exercise strengthens bones. Make sure you use the right amount and avoid overexertion. Order bone nutrients from Fairvital - synergetic formula with 12 vital substances - to maintain strong bones - with L-proline, vitamin K2 and D3 - handy pack for 30 days - safe dosage - without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide Includes 3 capsules / NRV*: Vitamin C 75mg / 94% Vitamin D3 9.75μg (390 IU) / 195% Vitamin K2 39μg / 52% Calcium 375.6mg / 47% Magnesium 187.5mg / 50% Zinc 7.5mg / 75% Chromium 18μg 45% Copper 1.5mg / 150% Manganese 1.5mg / 75% L-Proline 300mg L-Leucine 60mg Ashwagandha Extract 30mg of which withanolides 1.5mg * Nutrient reference values ​​according to Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011

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Boswellia Carterii 400mg
Boswellia carterii: Traditional remedy of the ancient EgyptiansBotanical: Boswellia carterii, Boswellia sacraGerman: Afrikanischer Weihrauch, Somalischer Weihrauch, Arabian frankincenseEnglish: Bible frankincense, Omani frankincenseThe use of incense has a long tradition. Even the ancient Egyptians used it for cultic purposes, in mummification and as an incense. They also called the resin beads of incense "sweat of the gods".African frankincense Boswellia carteriiThe resin from the African frankincense tree consists of a mixture of essential oils, resins, mucilage and proteins, the amounts of which vary depending on the species. As value-giving ingredients it contains various boswellic acids such as alpha- and beta-boswellic acid. The frankincense resin of Boswellia carterii contains particularly high concentrations of boswellic acids.Standardized frankincense extractThis dietary supplement from Fairvital is highly dosed with 400 mg of frankincense extract per tablet. It contains an extract of the resin of the African frankincense tree Boswellia carterii, standardized to 65% boswellic acids. Per daily dose of 2 tablets contains 520 mg of boswellic acids.Standardizing a plant extract to the appropriate active ingredient content ensures that a product has consistent properties and also indicates premium quality.Boswellia carterii frankincense extract with boswellic acids from Fairvital:standardized Boswellia carterii extract65% boswellic acids520 mg boswellic acids per daily dose120 tablets for 60 daysvegetarian and vegangluten-free, lactose-free, fructose-freewithout magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide

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120 Tablets

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Unleash Vitality Through Sports and Wellness

In the hectic world we live in, maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is crucial. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just beginning your fitness journey, the key to unlocking your full potential lies in the perfect harmony of sports and wellness. 

Here are some tips for a healthy lifestyle through sports:

  1. Regular exercise
  2. Well-balanced nutrition
  3. Adequate rest and recovery
  4. Listen to your body
  5. Maintain consistency
  6. Prioritize mental health



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