Oils - fatty acids

Good fats - bad fats A high-fat diet is unhealthy. It promotes obesity, increased blood fat levels, arteriosclerosis and coronary stenosis. On the other hand, there are supposed to be healthy fats. Especially vegetable oils and fish oil contain so-called unsaturated fatty acids, which are indispensable for the human body. Omega-3 fatty acids are a special form of unsaturated fatty acids. In the Fairvital online shop, you will find a rich selection of food supplements with unsaturated fatty acids in different dosages in the oils and fatty acids category. The best-selling supplement is the omega-3 capsules made from 1000 mg fish oil. Those who prefer vegan omega-3 fatty acids order Perilla oil 500 mg in vegan liquid capsules. Perilla oil is known for its high content of alpha-linolenic acid.

Oils & Fatty acids