Vitamin K

Vitamin K2 has long been underestimated. It is found in small amounts in animal foods, such as meat, eggs, milk and butter. In addition, it is partly produced in the healthy body by the bacteria of the intestinal flora. Normally, the need for vitamin K2 is sufficiently covered by a balanced diet. In vegan or vegetarian diets, an additional supply by means of food supplements can be useful. Fairvital vitamin K2 is available as tablets, capsules and drops in various strengths in the online shop. The vitamin K2 drops are particularly popular. They are oil-based and can therefore be taken independently of a meal. Due to the addition of lemon oil, the taste is refreshingly lemony. The vitamin K2 complex with 1000µg menaquinone MK-4 and 250µg menaquinone MK-7 offers an interesting spectrum.