For the World and Ourselves!

Energy consumption, driving, online shopping—there are plenty of ways to contribute to climate protection. The good news: At Fairvital, we are on board because sustainability is a topic that concerns us all.

Fairvital Shipping Boxes: 80% Recycled Material

The shipping boxes used by Fairvital consist of 80% recycled materials. To ensure material stability, 20% fresh fiber is added. The fresh fibers come from the breakage and thinning wood of sustainable forests. The glue that holds the corrugated cardboard together is made from natural corn, wheat, or potato starch.

Biodegradable Air Cushions

Our air cushion system is the only one specifically designed to operate with biodegradable and recyclable films. The air cushions are made from recycled materials and are certified as biodegradable by the manufacturer.

Fairvital Delivery Notes, Invoices, and Correspondence on Recycled Paper.

Recycled paper instead of fresh fiber paper conserves the climate, resources, trees, and the rainforest. Each fiber can be used up to seven times. That's why fewer trees are cut down and less waste is produced. We print all Fairvital invoices and delivery notes on recycled paper.

For paper production, 100% less wood, 72% less energy, 83% less water, and 53% less CO2 are consumed.

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