Men's Health, Bladder & Kidneys

The urinary system includes the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. The kidneys are filtering stations. Their main function is to excrete water, minerals and metabolic waste products. Every day, the kidneys filter about 170 litres of primary urine from the blood, of which one to two litres ultimately leave the body as urine. The remaining fluid is returned to the bloodstream. The urine produced in the kidneys collects in the renal pelvis and flows continuously into the urinary bladder. It serves as an intermediate storage organ. When the bladder is filled with 150 to 250 ml, the urge to urinate sets in. A conscious lifestyle can support bladder health and the performance of the kidneys: - Drink at least two litres of fluid a day to flush the kidneys. - Avoid hypothermia. - Avoid synthetic underwear that does not allow the skin to breathe. - Give in to the urge to urinate and do not hold your urine. - Ensure proper toilet hygiene. A healthy lifestyle with moderate exercise, a conscious diet and sufficient intake of fluids are just as important for the bladder and kidneys as for the body and psyche in general. In addition, pay attention to healthy stress management to avoid the popular saying "it gets to my kidneys". Food supplements from Fairvital support a healthy lifestyle in many ways.