Beta-Alanine 500g powder

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Product information "Beta-Alanine 500g powder"

Beta-alanine 500g powder

What is beta-alanine?

Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid  that is very popular with athletes. It can be produced by the body itself if the necessary nutrients are provided.

Beta-alanine is a non-proteinogenic amino acid and therefore has no role in protein biosynthesis in the body. However, the human body can synthesize carnosine from  beta-alanine  and L-histidine. Carnosine, on the other hand, serves as a potent intramuscular buffer.

In contrast, carnosine serves as a potent intramuscular buffer.

Possible side effects of beta-alanine

About 30 minutes after consumption you can feel a tingling sensation on your skin. The cause of this tingling is the amino acid histamine, which is a waste product in the synthesis of carnosine. Some people report a pleasant tingling sensation, while others find it less pleasant. Those who are new to beta-alanine should start with a low dose and slowly increase the amount. Spreading the amount out over the day can also help.

Pure Beta Alanine Powder

Fairvital's beta-alanine powder is vegan and 100% pure. It contains no flavors or additives. Because of its powder form, it can easily be mixed with water, juice, or even a protein shake. The measuring spoon  makes dosing easier.
Fairvital recommends taking 3.5 grams of beta-alanine powder before training. This corresponds to ééa measuring spoon. The 500 g powder packaging makes about 140 servings.

Benefits of Fairvital's beta-alanine powder

  • 100% pure beta-alanine
  • without additives
  • 500g powder for about 140 servings
  • Popular with athletes
  • Vegetarian and vegan



Application area: Sport
Compatibility: Fish-free, Fructose free, Lactose free, Nut free, Soy free, Vegan, Without additives, Without gluten
Dosage form: Powder
Vital substances: Amino acids

Ingredients: Beta-Alanine Powder (100%)

Content: 500g powder

Application instructions:
Adults 1 scoop (2.5 ml) of the powder before training with plenty of water or mixed with a cold liquid.

Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

One scoop contains:
Beta-Alanine 3.5g

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