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More than 400 bioactive and high-quality products for health.
Fairvital runs Europe's largest online shop for vital substances. More than 15 years of experience in the conception and production of high-quality food supplements make Fairvital the first choice for nutritionists, alternative practitioners, naturopaths, medical practitioners and discerning consumers with a high level of nutritional knowledge.
The extensive range of over 400 products for health offers support in every situation in life. You will find the natural active substances in the online shop sorted according to areas of application or the associated vital substance groups such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, co-enzymes, plant extracts, fatty acids and probiotics.
Order your health products today at www.fairvital.com with a 24-month money-back guarantee*!
All products are subject to the strict standards and controls of the food supervisory authority. Independent laboratories regularly test for purity and ingredients. Fairvital and its raw material suppliers are certified according to the internationally recognised quality standards HACCP and ISO 9000.

We declare all ingredients and refrain from using unnecessary additives, fillers and colourings wherever possible.
Free of phthalates (softeners)
All cans (packaging) are free of phthalates. They are made of PET and HDPE, which is harmless to health.

When buying food supplements, always make sure that the packaging is not made of polycarbonate, PVC or polystyrene. These contain the phthalate bisphenol A, which can be released from the can into the contents. Phthalates are compounds that are problematic for health, as they are suspected of acting like hormones and causing, for example, infertility, obesity and diabetes in men.

Genetically manipulated raw materials are out of the question for us (GMO-free)! We also clearly distance ourselves from animal testing.
* Only valid for private customers within the EU. Empty packages are excluded from the money-back guarantee!

First-class quality

All products are constantly and carefully checked for first-class quality. These controls are subject to strict standards.

State of the art product development:
Fairvital is constantly developing new products in collaboration with experts such as doctors, pharmacists and nutritional scientists. When creating new innovative products, we not only integrate the latest findings and studies of orthodox medicine and nutritional science but also important information from alternative medicine in order to achieve the optimal composition and thus also an excellent effect of our vital substances.


Fairvital quality


Our production follows the official GMP standard. Our products are completely free of genetically modified ingredients, pesticides, fungicides, artificial fertilisers or other harmful substances.
Optimal composition of our products:
The composition is based on the latest scientific knowledge, which means that we not only pay attention to an optimal combination and composition of the individual active ingredients or substances. This means that we not only pay attention to an optimal combination and composition of the individual active ingredients or substances, but also to a high bioavailability of the substances for the body, so that these can then benefit health as efficiently as possible.
In addition, we declare all ingredients and, if it is somehow possible, we do without unnecessary additives, fillers and colourings, in order to make our products also compatible for people who suffer from special intolerances to certain ingredients. In this context, gluten intolerance (coeliac disease, sprue), lactose intolerance and fructose intolerance are particularly worthy of mention. Therefore, in the future we will produce all our products free of gluten, lactose (milk sugar) and fructose (fruit sugar). Magnesium stearate is only used in very small quantities for particularly difficult products, but will disappear completely from our range in future.
In addition, our raw materials are constantly tested for genetic manipulation (non-GMO scans), as we clearly distance ourselves from genetic manipulation.
Free from phthalates (softeners):
All cans (packaging) are free from phthalates. They are made of PET and HDPE, which is harmless to health.
When buying food supplements, always make sure that the packaging is not made of polycarbonate, PVC or polystyrene. These contain the phthalate bisphenol A, which can be released from the can into the contents. Phthalates are problematic compounds in terms of health, as they are suspected of acting like hormones and causing, for example, infertility, obesity and diabetes in men.
Our principle is based on this: trust is good - control is better:
Trust plays a greater role in hardly any area of everyday life than in personal health protection. After all, in addition to everyday necessities such as bread, fruit, vegetables or water, a great deal of trust is placed particularly in the high quality and purity of all products that are useful for maintaining or regaining our well-being and health. Therefore, it is particularly important to us to have our products constantly and carefully tested to the highest control and quality standards, also by external laboratories, so that we can provide you with only the highest quality vital substances.
Our claim is to always offer you products that meet the highest quality standards both in terms of raw materials and processing as well as in terms of the bioavailability/resorptive capacity of the food supplements for the human body.


Individual and competent expert advice


Fairvital offers you competent individual expert advice by telephone from our oecotrophologists free of charge. We are happy to answer all your questions on +31-43 74 105 69, Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.



Go green for the earth, for us!
Energy consumption, driving, online shopping: there are plenty of ways to do something for climate protection. The good thing about it is that we at Fairvital are taking part, because sustainability is a topic that concerns us all.
Fairvital shipping boxes: 80% recycled material
The shipping boxes used by Fairvital consist of 80% recycled materials. To ensure material stability, 20% virgin fibre is added. The virgin fibres come from breakage and thinning guardians of sustainable forests. The glue that holds the corrugated cardboard together is made from natural corn, wheat or potato starch.
Biodegradable bubble cushions
In the mail order business, we at Fairvital often cannot do without padding or fixation. After all, we want to transport, store and ship your food supplements undamaged.
On the question of which is better for the environment, cushioning made of paper or foil, many people would impulsively answer with paper. But some things are different than they seem at first:
Our air cushions are sustainable because they have a very low own weight and require very little material for cushioning. They consist of almost 100% air.
We are proud that our air cushions are also environmentally friendly and biodegradable. They are made from recycled plastic. In the presence of moisture, micro-organisms and oxygen, the air cushions completely biodegrade within 12 to 14 months. They leave no toxic residues.
Fairvital delivery notes, invoices and correspondence on recycled paper
Recycled paper instead of virgin fibre paper protects the climate, resources, trees and the rainforest. Each fibre can be used up to seven times. Therefore, fewer trees are cut down and less waste is produced.
We print all Fairvital invoices and delivery notes on recycled paper. Paper production uses 100% less wood, 72% less energy and 83% less water, and releases 53% less C02.
For the sake of the environment and ourselves!


Our competent expert advice


Fairvital offers you competent individual expert advice by telephone. Your questions about health, illness, nutrition, vital substances and dietary supplements will be answered by dieticians, qualified ecotrophologists and alternative practitioners on the expert hotline.

Call us:
+31-43 74 105 69

Or write us an e-mail at beratung@fairvital.com
We are happy to be there for you!

Scientific Advisory Board

The members of the Scientific Advisory Board of Fairvital  focus their attention on health as well as individual problem solutions. They support Fairvital with their professional know-how, their many years of experience in medical practice as well as their personal passion. The spectrum of expertise ranges from general medicine and dentistry to chronic and stress-related diseases, orthomolecular medicine, naturopathy, mycotherapy, epigenetics, blood group-specific nutrition, hypnosis and many other specialist areas.
Prof. h.c. Frank Jester
Lange Str. 48
27318 Hoya
Tel: 040-292629, 0151-74574000
E-mail: info(@)frank-jester.com
Chronic diseases in particular are the evil of modern mankind. Frank Jester meticulously researches the causes of this health scourge for the benefit of his patients.
The unique combination of medical, dental and curative knowledge, coupled with scientific curiosity and a lively exchange of information with leading scientists flows into his health books as well as into the daily routine of his private medical and dental practice in Hamburg. This leads to an astonishing, trend-setting view of holistic medicine.
At lectures and seminars, those interested in health learn about the backgrounds and connections of various diseases of civilisation in a strikingly simple language.
In a time of "abundance", a lack of vital substances only appears to us through clinically manifest symptoms. That is why Frank Jester has been advocating the right nutritional supplements for several years, but also shows through his "raw food bike tour" around the entire Baltic Sea that one can strengthen one's body in an unusual way, as well as through ice bathing in winter.
Through his lectureship for alternative practitioners, Frank Jester's knowledge has meanwhile found its way into many northern German alternative practitioners' practices and is passed on there.
"Stagnation is the rust on the nail of the coffin. Vitality always has to do with movement. In addition to sufficient sporting activity in the fresh air, mental mobility is more than ever an important guarantor of a fulfilled, lively and healthy life. Today's patients take a critical view of many things and rightly question their state of health, which was unthinkable 50 years ago. The patient complements the doctor's knowledge with online knowledge and enlightening literature. This fertilises both sides, so that in the meantime the doctor himself has become a student of his patients."
Frank Jester was awarded an honorary title on 15.02.2014: Professor h.c. of Academy Kokshe in Kazakhstan. The honorary title was awarded at an international conference On L-Arginine in Practical Medicine.
Isa-M. Albrecht
Orthomed-NutriGenomics Albrecht
Bodenacherstr. 76
CH-8121 Benglen
E-mail: imal(@)ggaweb.ch
Health practitioner with specialisation in blood group specific nutrition, bioresonance therapy methods as well as orthomolecular medicine
Born on 11.08. 1957 in Freiburg in Breisgau with Swiss and French nationality
1985 successful completion of training as non-medical practitioner and psychotherapist with subsequent takeover of a practice
Activities in trade and creation, restructuring and sale of transitional housing in Germany
Resumption of work as a non-medical practitioner with simultaneous care and support of private patients along with terminal care
2001-2005 Distance learning in blood group specific nutritional form and nutrigenomics
2005 Completion of distance learning with and with Dr. Peter D'Adamo
2006 -2008 Further training in the areas of BIT and BRT (bioresonance therapy methods) and orthomolecular medicine
Since 2006 I have been working with Fairvital with the very best experiences in terms of logistics, products and product combinations as well as the expertise of the people involved.
"I myself have blood group A2B Rh+ and can sing a song about physical ailments. The combination of a blood group-specific diet and Fairvital products has enabled me to be almost 100% free of complaints in recent years. I would be happy to recommend this mind-blowing combination to anyone who suffers from physical as well as mental malaises, because Fairvital with its wide range of amino acids is wonderful here too. "
Naturheilzentrum Döbeln / Sachsen - Heilpraktikerpraxis
Bahnhofstr. 11
04720 Döbeln
Tel: 03431-6060831
Dozent Dr. (Univ. Shandong) Jens Mittelbach M.D.
Yixue boshi (Doctor of Medicine, Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jinan)
Yixue shuoshi (Master of Medicine (Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanning)
Chinese Medicine / Complementary Medicine / Naturopathic Medicine
2014 Appointment as Honorary Lecturer
Complementary Oncological Focus Practice Döbeln, Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Alternative Naturopathic Medicine with focus on connection between state-of-the-art diagnostics, therapy and well-founded empirical medicine
1990 - 1996 Studies at the German Paracelsus Schools for Naturopathic Medicine and training as a non-medical practitioner
1996 - 1999 Internship and further training in general medicine, surgery, internal medicine and naturopathic diabetology
1999 Examination and obtaining the professional licence as a non-medical practitioner
Since 1999 working in own practice with treatment focus on allergology, paediatrics, naturopathic general medicine, diabetology, cardiovascular diseases, circulatory disorders, diseases of the musculoskeletal system
Medical university studies at the State Medical University/University Hospital Nanning/Guangxi PR China, Elite university with the highest international classification
Master of Medicine (Guangxi Medical University) and subsequent doctoral studies to become Doctor of Medicine (Shandong Medical University)
Because of his exceptionally good medical degree at Guangxi State Medical University with magna cum laude, he was awarded a gifted scholarship of Shandong Medical University to support his doctoral studies in the amount of 30. 000 renminbi to support his doctoral studies. He came to the attention of Shandong University because of his exceptional talent in the field of medicine, his diligence and his determination
"The concept of our practice is the combination of modern diagnostics, therapy and well-founded empirical medicine.
The focus is always on the individual. Every health disorder or illness requires an individual diagnosis and therapy concept.
In addition to the treatment of existing illnesses, we place particular emphasis on prevention.
From my point of view, Fairvital offers a very valuable high-quality range of food supplements for natural vitalisation and promotion of the regeneration of diseased or exhausted organs and organ systems and thus serves to restore optimal health. "
www.praxis-mittelbach.de, www.privatpraxis-mittelbach.de
Weserstr. 1a
47506 Neukirchen-Vluyn
Tel: 02131-5969349
Martin Michalowski
Pharmaceutical consultant and alternative practitioner.

Mycotherapy, complex remedy healing, Bach flower therapy, massage, element teachings, astrology, vital substance therapy, smoking cessation

The reason why medicine often does not work is because people try to treat everyone in the same way. This cannot work satisfactorily.

After all, every person has a unique DNA profile as well as a unique fingerprint and horoscope (cosmic fingerprint).

It is important for the body to get the right building, operating and repair substances. From experience I can say that these always have to be supplemented in case of damage/disease.

With Fairvital I can rely on getting useful and effective food supplements that can be used in a targeted and reliable way and achieve good results with patients. I have tried many things for almost 20 years and only a few have met the quality standards and health for my patients. For me, the right vital substances at the right time in the right dose are the key to success."