Selenium Complex 200µg - 120 Capsules

Sensitive combination of organic and inorganic selenium ✓ Selenomethionine, selenium yeast and sodium selenite ✓ Highly dosed > Order now!
Product information "Selenium Complex 200µg - 120 Capsules"

High-dose selenium from selenomethionine, selenium yeast and sodium selenite.

Selenium Complex 200 µg from Fairvital is a high-quality dietary supplement in which organic and inorganic selenium are sensibly combined, because both forms work differently in the organism. Per daily consumption of one capsule, 100 µg of selenium from selenomethionine, 50 µg of selenium from selenium yeast and 50 µg of selenium from sodium selenite are contained.  
Selenium is a trace element that is essential for the human body. It must be supplied with food or by means of dietary supplements, because the body cannot produce it itself. Selenium plays an important role in supporting the immune system and protecting cells from oxidative stress. It also helps maintain healthy hair and nails, addresses the immune system and is involved in sperm formation.
Not all selenium is the same. Basically, there are two different forms of selenium: organic selenium and inorganic selenium. Both forms are transported, metabolized and stored differently in the body, leading to differences in the way they are utilized and their half-life.

Organic selenium

Selenomethionine and selenium yeast are organic forms of selenium. Selenium yeast is particularly rich in selenomethionine, which is naturally found in foods and can be readily utilized by the body. Organic selenium is incorporated into proteins by the organism in the first instance. That is why it is also called "storage form". The trace element is available to the organism with a delay.

Inorganic selenium

Sodium selenite consists of selenium bound to sodium. Inorganic selenium has the advantage that it is directly available to the body. In addition, inorganic selenium is incorporated into the enzymes more quickly than organic selenium.
Bulk pack Selenium Complex for 4 months
Fairvital Selenium Complex is vegan and free of unnecessary additives such as magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide. The pack holds 120 capsules and will last for 120 days at the recommended consumption of one capsule per day. Only one capsule daily!
Fairvital's Selenium Complex is a natural and gentle way to support the body. The high quality of the vital substance preparation and the simple application make it a recommended dietary supplement. The selenium supplement is an ideal supplement for people who want to support their health and well-being. The contained micronutrient selenium can help protect the body from oxidative stress as well as address the immune system.
Order Selenium Complex 200µg from Fairvital
  • synergistic combination
  • organic and inorganic selenium
  • high dosage
  • 200 µg selenium per capsule
  • for hair, nails and immune system
  • 120 capsules for 120 days
  • only one capsule daily
  • without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide
  • vegetarian and vegan
Application area: Beauty, Hair, Heart & Vessels, Immune system, Vegetarian, Weight Loss
Compatibility: Fish-free, Fructose free, Lactose free, Vegan
Dosage form: Capsules

One Capsule Contains / NRV*:
Selenium 200μg / 364%
of which
    from Selenomethionine 100μg / 182%
    from Selenium yeast 50μg / 91%
    from Sodium selenite 50μg / 91%
L-Leucine 20mg

*Nutrient reference values accordingto Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011

Bulking Agent Microcrystalline Cellulose, Glazing Agents Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (Capsule Shell), Selenium Yeast (contains 0.2% Selenium), Selenomethionine (contains 0.5% Selenium), L-Leucine, Sodium selenite

120 Capsules
Adults 1 capsule daily with a meal and plenty of water.
Use during pregnancy and lactation after consultation with a doctor.
Note: Dietary supplements containing sodium selenite should not be combined with larger amounts of vitamin C, as insoluble complexes may form that cannot be utilized by the body.

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