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Product information "Kelp extract 200mg - 250 tablets"

High-dose kelp extract with 300 µg iodine per tablet

Iodine and its importance for health are still underestimated today. It was similar with vitamin D and vitamin K2 until a few years ago.

The Fairvital kelp extract is standardized to 0.15% iodine. Each tablet contains 300 µg iodine, which corresponds to 200% of the daily requirement for adults and children over 12 years of age.

WHO and DGE recommend 150 µg or 200 µg iodine per day to cover the needs of the thyroid gland. However, in order to meet the entire needs of the body, one can assume a higher value, for which there are unfortunately no recommendations from these institutions yet.

Functions of iodine

Not only does the thyroid gland need iodine, but it also plays a role in many other organs. As early as 1920, researchers at the University of Jena were able to detect the trace element in woman breast tissue, the ovaries, the brain and the adrenal glands prove. Unfortunately, this research was not pursued further in the years that followed.

The skin is also dependent on an adequate supply of iodine. An iodine deficiency can therefore manifest itself in dry, scaly skin.
In addition, cognitive functions such as memory, thinking and perception as well as the function of the nervous system depends on a good iodine level.

Kelp tablets by Fairvital

  • highly dosed with 200mg kelp extract per tablet
  • standardized extract with 0.15% iodine
  • corresponds to 300 µg iodine per tablet
  • vegetarian and vegan
  • gluten-free, lactose-free, fructose-free
  • without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide
  • Iodine from a natural source (kelp seaweed)
  • essential trace element
  • may contribute to normal thyroid function
  • involved in energy metabolism and the functioning of the nervous system
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Application area: Beauty, Energy, Gewicht, Memory, Vegetarian
Compatibility: Fish-free, Fructose free, Lactose free, Nut free, Soy free, Vegan, Without gluten
Dosage form: Tablets

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13 October 2019 19:23

optimale Jodversorgung

Da meine Hausärztin mir aufgrund meiner Schilddrüsenwerte empfohlen hatte, unbedingt mehr Jod zu mir zu nehmen, bin ich froh, dass ich bei fairvital das Kelp-Extrakt entdeckt habe, da ich fairvital mittlerweile seit Jahren vertraue und immer wieder begeistert bin über die gute Qualität und die gute Wirksamkeit der NEM´s.